Missy X makes it possible to bring goods from brand manufacturers to their original destination, even if, due to flaws, they can not be used through the usual distribution channels.
Due to open packaging, products are already losing their acceptance, being sent to a destination via the normal distribution channel.
Products with slight traces of visual inspection, production errors or damage on the transport are finding less and less the way to the actual destination of the goods. As well as older models / discontinued items and overproduction.
Energy and effort are wasted!
We partner with manufacturers to make their second choice products of their intended use without harming their brand.
On a specially created platform www.missy-x.com, we also distribute goods directly with the manufacturers to the end customer, who accept the flaw in high-quality products. To supply these goods with the original purpose and thus an appreciation is ecologically sensible and certainly timely.
On this platform, we distinguish in three categories X, XX and XXX.
Depending on the degree of depreciation, we discount the goods.
The offered products are all new and have a manufacturer's warranty.