Anta is a small company based in Schenefeld near Hamburg and produces luminaires of high design quality. Light sources - lights and lamps of all kinds - are the most elementary requisites of our furnishings. This is also the leitmotif of ANTA, one of the best European manufacturers. The special thing about ANTA luminaires is good light, form and quality. Many of the Anta luminaires can be easily adapted to any room, especially due to their simple form and elegant appearance, and can be used in any environment. The high degree of perfection is particularly close to Anta's heart and every luminaire design is checked and processed down to the smallest detail.
Every luminaire from the Anta collection speaks for itself. At ANTA, the designs are carefully selected and then produced with great care and finally bought by people who appreciate quality. The variety (this can be seen in the current Anta catalogue) is not neglected. The purist will find the right table lamp for his desk, just as someone who prefers less strict shapes will discover his model. However, the lamps in this diverse Anta collection have something in common: first-class design brought to the most economical form, soothing light, noble material, best workmanship. And another important quality: an ANTA luminaire like the Anta Tuba in a room is a piece of jewellery even if it does not light up during the day. Many reasons to take a close look at these lamps. Take a look at discontinued models and second choice from the manufacturer Anta at Missy X.

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