Foscarini *

Foscarini has been creating one of the largest and most varied lamp collections in the industry since 1981. Driven by the idea of constant development and the search for a new form of expression, as well as a new aesthetic, they work together with a huge portfolio of different designers. Each designer, each design team brings its own interpretation of light and lamp to the company, and Foscarini offers luminaires that are classic, elegant and even minimalist, such as the "Aplomb" floor lamp by designer Valerio Bottin, who created an expressive lamp with this model despite its simple forms. At the same time, however, Foscarini's portfolio also includes lamp designs that appear gaudy, colourful and extravagant, such as the "Supernova sospensione". It captivates with its penetrating colour, the complexity of the design and the pleasantly soft light, which almost seems to stand in contrast to the powerful design of the lamp, but precisely because of this creates a wonderfully sensitive atmosphere that invites you to dream. Each lamp series is unmistakably unique due to the personality of the designers, the nature of the materials and the manufacturing processes. Foscarini also has a worldwide distribution network and a dedicated after-sales service that allows the lamps to be enjoyed all over the world. Foscarini's independence from production constraints has allowed it maximum creative freedom from the outset. For 35 years, Foscarini has worked with a wide range of internationally renowned designers and local artisans. The result is an impressive range of iconic lamps which, whether in private or public spaces, are always in dialogue with their surroundings and the observer. What has characterized Foscarini's work over the years is a consistent and passionate approach to design. Discontinued models and second choice lamps from the manufacturer Foscarini can be bought cheaply from Missy X.

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