Moooi *

Moooi stands for extra pretty (mooi, Dutch: pretty, beautiful, attractive). The founders Wanders and Vissers added an extra o, which since then stands for extra pretty. The Dutch design company not only devotes itself to lamps and luminaires such as the Horse Lamp, but also to all other aspects of interior design. Moooi luminaires are more playful and extravagant. Many seem small and dainty, but in general quite large and expressive lamps are offered, which do not kill the observer, but gently complement the surroundings. It is also noticeable that very often a mixture of natural materials, such as wood and paper and plastics, metals or glass is used. One example is the "paper chandelier" used by Moooi for a Phillips Consumer Lifestyle presentation in Berlin. It is also noticeable that Moooi, despite its extravagant shapes such as the "rabbit lamp", rarely falls back on bright colours. The predominant colours are black and white, which give even the most unusual lamps a certain elegance that even more classically oriented customers can make friends with.

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