Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer is one of the world's leading lighting designers who created the Canned Light, and he is one of the most important international product designers - he modestly calls himself an autodidact. He was born in 1932 on the island of Reichenau in Lake Constance. After three years as a freelance designer in New York and San Francisco, Maurer began designing lamps as early as 1966 as a trained typesetter and graphic designer. Influenced by the Pop Art movement, Maurer founded Atelier Design M in a backyard in Munich. Later renamed Ingo Maurer GmbH, Maurer's light designs have since been convincing with their seemingly infinite diversity. The design of the Bulb lamp, characterized by the simplicity of Pop Art, was already included in the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1969. The commercially available incandescent lamp, surrounded by an oversized, mouth-blown glass incandescent bulb with chrome-plated base, heralded a new era of light in which objects could be reduced to their light sources and freed from the classic stand and lampshade. Developed by Maurer as a modular system back in 1984, the low-voltage halogen system YaYaHo still provides seemingly endless flexibility and a new view of space and light today. Maurer designs luminaires that tell stories and thus become new stories themselves. The table lamp Lucellino, developed in 1992, is graceful and emotionally charged with its handmade goose feather wings. Maurer has succeeded in making her sight enchanting and inviting to dream. Taken literally lyrically, the note'z has an effect. Holded by clamps, notes made of Japanese paper with loving and melodic messages can be attached centrally around the light body. To this day, Maurer and his staff in Munich have been designing and creating milestones in lighting design and since 2009 have set up a "Studio Showroom Workshop Atelier", where you can get an impression of his unique light art. Buy second choice lamps and discontinued models from Ingo Maurer at Missy X for cheap.

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