IP44.de outside lighting demands of itself the creation of outdoor luminaires that are in no way inferior to the aesthetics of interior luminaires. Since 1993, founder Bernd Schmalhorst and his family business have been following an uncompromising path that aims to produce luminaires of the highest quality for outdoor use. Since "Made in Germany" still stands for the highest quality today, IP44.de relies on using exclusive materials from German suppliers.
Under the motto "Every space deserves great light", Rheda-Wiedenbrück produces indestructible luminaires primarily in stainless steel, aluminium and glass, which can withstand any weather and provide harmonious outdoor lighting in the long term. Most modern electronics and LED technology are united with IP44.de in manual work with high-quality materials, whereby for highest quality can be ensured. Customers and specialists appreciate the perfect processing and the clear Design of the external lights from the house IP44.de, which is reflected in the world-wide demand and the many honors, which the enterprise has to register. Buy discontinued and second choice IP44.DE lamps from Missy X for cheap.

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