Perfect in form, elegant and individual - these are the light compositions of Escale. Unlike other lighting manufacturers, Escale's creations are not only designed for functionality and design; they also ensure sensuality and emotion in every room. The unique design of the Escale luminaires always expresses the original idea: the search for the perfect form. The German manufacturer attaches particular importance to aesthetics - both in light and in space. The Escale luminaires fit into the overall room concept in a sophisticated way and provide a very special atmosphere with their unique appearance. The luminaire series Della Luna is one of Escale's most successful products. The Della Luna is available in five different versions, which differ in their composition due to the choice of materials. So the Della Luna is a luminaire for every taste. Its elegant and at the same time unusual shape underlines the character of the Della Luna.

An example of the perfect design is the Escale Spin. This Escale ceiling lamp is reminiscent of a water vortex and emits an even room light. The Spin has a charismatic and powerful effect and yet is still a testimony to filigree art. Escale luminaires appeal to everyone who is looking for sophisticated aesthetics and a unique sense of space. Escale has a large selection of individual and at the same time elegant luminaires, which will inspire everyone right away. Second choice and discontinued models of Escale lamps at Missy X to buy cheap.

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