Lightyears aims to become the leading Scandinavian supplier of modern designer lighting. The Scandinavian manufacturer develops and markets unique lamps for customers who value design and quality. Its lamps are a shining example of a successful synthesis of form and function. And they are offered at prices that are affordable for most people. Light is a prerequisite for life, which applies equally to large contexts and to personal living spaces. It is therefore obvious that high demands are placed on the lamps that surround us every day, and where there must be a logical relationship between form and function. Even if a lamp is primarily intended to provide good lighting conditions, it must also be an aesthetic sight - switched on and off! It is with these considerations in mind that Lightyears® was founded, a company that is breaking new ground in the field of 'light'. For them, innovation is not just an empty phrase, but a leitmotif that runs through the entire company. Their declared aim is to redefine functional, aesthetic lighting and to implement only the best ideas. The Scandinavian manufacturer is specifically dedicated to developing lamps that set new standards in terms of design and quality.

Because they have set the requirements very high, the Scandinavian manufacturer only works with the most capable architects and designers. The company is not indifferent to which lamp it has had manufactured. Function in its most beautiful form and optimum light output are decisive factors for the company. Every detail serves a special purpose and is not just art for art's sake. Giving your products a progressive and timelessly aesthetic form is part of the company philosophy. This is to be achieved through functional design and sophisticated technology. The range presents itself as a new, revolutionary offer in the field of high-quality designer lighting. The company is fully aware that the name is an obligation and that they must do their utmost to be light years ahead of others.


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